Cameron Bee


Cameron Bee is from Down Under, where years of catching crocodiles and venomous snakes has taken a toll on him so he is trying to enjoy the quiet life in the peaceful south pacific. Unfortunately he now works for Walt Smith International for the past three plus years and there is no such thing as the quiet life.

He has worked his way up from hobbyist to working in zoos and public aquariums, looking after everything from blue ring octopus to hand feeding sharks and training seals. He has owned several retail marine aquarium shops and is responsible for the commercial coral farming industry and movement in Australia.

He grew up all throughout south east Asia with crazy pets such as elephants, gibbons, pangolins and flying lizards. He grew up on the reefs of the Philippines and the Maldives and has been scuba diving since the age of seven. While not marine based, he has the notoriety of discovering a new genus of freshwater isopod in the Far north and possibly a new spider, fingers crossed!

He is currently working on Walt’s pet project of organizing village based coral farming projects running in the remote villages of Fiji. He is also helping to create some awesome new cultured rock. Cameron has finally reached the point in his life where ideas can become reality and Fiji is the perfect place to explore.