Charles Mazel


Charles Mazel is the founder of NIGHTSEA, and a Principal Research Scientist at Physical Sciences Inc. He became intrigued by the idea of fluorescence night diving in the early 1970s and developed his own equipment for searching for and photographing fluorescence underwater. Only after acquiring his first photographs of fluorescing corals and anemones did he learn that scientists knew virtually nothing about the phenomenon. 

This led him to pursue research on the biology of fluorescence and to develop new tools for fluorescence viewing and photography. He has made fluorescence dives in numerous locations around the globe, measured fluorescence properties underwater, and made the first deep-sea dives to explore for fluorescence from a manned submersible. Through the years he has also provided equipment and imaging advice to numerous marine aquarists and shared his research at aquarium conferences.

The function of fluorescence on the reef

Lighting that enhances the fluorescence of reef organisms brings out fabulous colors and enriches the experience of your aquarium. Fluorescence is a beautiful way of viewing the underwater world, but is there any significance to it? In this presentation I will briefly review the phenomenon of fluorescence and its effect on the color of corals, and update on the state of scientific knowledge.