Jim Walters


Jim Walters has literally spent his life with his hands in the water. Jim has worked in the aquarium industry since his early teens, giving him over 30 years experience in the retail and wholesale aspects of this hobby. He is also an avid diver, and has ventured on collection trips giving him the opportunity learn yet another aspect of aquarium keeping — responsible collection.

Currently Jim is co-owner of Chicago’s Old Town Aquarium, one of the nation’s leading aquatic emporiums for beginning aquarists through seasoned collectors for over 35 years. During this time Jim as had the opportunity to handle and care for some of the aquarium industries’ most rarely imported animals – including many firsts, some that have never been scientifically described.

While at Old Town Aquarium, Jim has had the opportunity to supply animals and design exhibits for some of Chicago’s leading public aquariums and museums. He takes great pride providing rare and “new” animals to many industry professionals and photographers, in being named #1 by Chicago magazine, and appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune as well as several respected aquatic publications. He has also appeared on all the major television networks as well as commercial and film work.

Rants and Raves from a 37 year old LFS

The role of independent LFS’s has and continues to evolve in this rapidly advancing hobby. Owning a 37 year old LFS, I am forced to face all things online: forums, trustworthy product reviews, great blogs, ridiculously cheap pricing, and super sexy WYSIWYG. I must embrace these and other changes as fighting them is futile.

What I will not embrace however is the constant demonization of LFS’s by so many hardcore hobbyists, online vendors, and especially manufacturers. I’m still relevant, WE are still relevant. You need us, our contributions, and our point of view in this exciting, challenging, and sometimes maddening, obsessive hobby that drives us all.