John Ciotti

johnny-popsicle-headJohnny Ciotti is a Los Angeles based commercial advertising photographer and creative director. Not having only produced national ad campaigns, commercials and social media presence with iconic brands Butterfinger, Pepsi, Pampers, HotPockets, The Sharper Image, and Reebok, he has overseen the production and design direction of many of todays most popular aquarium equipment. Johnny has played a large roll in the creation of Ecoxotic’s image, and its product line as well as the rebrand of Current-USA, Neptune Aquatics, Reef Nutrition, and Unique Corals.

Johnny was  noticed by the aquarium industry with his works at ADG and ADA-USA while working hand in hand with the likes of the world renowned freshwater aquascaping artists Jeff Senske, Mike Senske, and Takashi Amano. Johnny’s aquascapes have been noted to shake things up a bit and have been published on the web with Reef Builders and print gracing the pages of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Ultra Marine, Practical Fish Keeping, and Aqua Journal magazines.

Modern aquarium aesthetics from a champion aquascapist

The aesthetic of aquarium aquascaping is something that just hasn’t caught up to our progresses in husbandry. This discussion will cover the fundamentals of design and how color, texture, movement, and restraint should all be taken into consideration when composing the modern aquarium.

The session will also give you the tools to help create a more focused approach to your current or next coral centric layout through visual reference and inspiration provided by the natural world around us. You might even find that a better looking aquarium also functions better too.