Justin Credabel

justin-credabelJustin Credabel is a coral and reef lover, and lifelong aquarium hobbyist. Justin co-founded ReefGen to bring his love of coral to a wider audience with wholesale captive grown coral, and fish. A particular passion for Goniopora led him to develop the food Goniopower, manufactured by Two Little Fishies.

Justin has spent the last decade writing for the reef hobby, giving presentations around America and beyond, and further pushing the boundaries of coral reef knowledge and practice. Justin is also an artist and musician and lives on Long Island with his wife and daughters.

A six pack of marine and reef aquarium trivia

An action packed discussion, on six exciting topics! Five minutes each subject in this lightning round of reef verbiage. Together we will explore Thraustochytrids (the unsung Symbiont hero), Hydrogen Peroxide and algae control, Grafting and Fusion, Potassium Dosing, Unusual Coral Propagation and whatever hot topic I’m jazzed about at the moment.