Meneeka Gurroby


Ornamental Marine World was founded in 2008 on the small Indian Ocean island of Mauritius by my father Mr Chabiraj Gurroby,  and has since grown into the first purveyor of rare endemic Mauritian fishes to the trade. We are a family-run business consisting of my father, my brother Mohesh, longtime family friend Suresh Liloo, and myself. My mom even helps out on occasion. My father and Mr. Liloo have been diving since their teens and have over 35 yrs. of experience.
We started with a few modest aquariums and after struggling for a while with the authorities we finally got our collection and exportation permits on April 1st, 2009. Our first shipment from Mauritius was on the 30th of that month when we shipped to the UK which did not go so well. We learned quickly from our mistakes and a month later, our second shipment to Belgium experienced only 5% DOA. We have been regularly sending fish to Europe, North America and around the world ever since.
All of our fishes are hand caught with my dad heading the diving sessions and assuring the team follows the norms and rules of proper collection like handling, decompression, etc. with the utmost respect for the animals and the environment. We work on special order only, so we track fish and take only what we need. We truly love what we do, and are looking forward to sharing a bit of our amazing home with all of you.

A family-run fish collecting business in Mauritius
It’s an honor to talk about and represent my family run business and my small team and of course about my small paradise Island – Mauritius.
The talk will cover all aspects of our operation including our history, development of a unique fishery, all aspects of our collection, holding and exporting procedures and of course, a thorough accounting of our beautiful and bountiful marine life.