Rufus Kimura

rufus-kimura-2Rufus grew up on the isolated Island of Molokai and spent his formative years devising ways to capture the local tide pool inhabitants.  Other than annoying his older sister, Rufus’ greatest joy was hunting down aquatic life.  When he reached the ripe old age of eleven and needed to make money to afford the finer things in life such as girls and fishing gear, he had an epiphany:  there are people out there that would pay for aquarium fish – thus Kaiohi Tropical Fish was born.It was a rough, rocky, comical and more often than not dangerous beginning.  After an inexcusable amount of near death experiences, Rufus realized that he was not invincible (as he theretofore believed).  So he listened to the voice of reason (probably his mother’s) and decided to do things the right way.Currently, Rufus Kimura and his dive team have become some of the leading deep-water collectors in the aquarium industry.  Using closed circuit rebreathers, tech-scooters, and a complete lack of self-preservation, they routinely log dives in excess of four hundred and eighty feet.  The extreme narcotic effects of nitrogen narcosis encountered at this depth is one of the perks of the job.  Another, more important perk, is finding fish like Genicanthus personatus and Paracentropyge boylei.

When he is not exploring the twilight zone, Rufus Kimura works as a Rescue Specialist for the Honolulu Fire Department’s Search and Rescue Squad.  He still enjoys annoying his sister and hopes that one day he will give that aquarium one more try.

Wonders of the deep

My talk will feature a video and photo presentation focused on the deep water collection of rare aquarium species.  I will touch on the equipment used, the proper care of fish from capture to export and a few of the dangers and risks associated with technical diving.  

I will cover the collection of various species and the difficulties faced while attempting to undertake expeditions to foreign locations.  In addition, I will share the efforts that we are undertaking to make the aquarium hobby more sustainable.