Tea Yi Kai


Known by his online alias as “Lemon”, Yi Kai is 22 this year and is currently holding a diploma in biotechnological sciences. He will further his studies and will pursue his degree next year. Like many, he started toying around with the fresh water hobby but quickly grew into a proficient hobbyist in the marine scene. He has a passion for fish and wildlife photography and has a commendable amount of knowledge with regards to reef fishes.

Yi Kai is the youngest editor on ReefBuilders and is best known for his articles on rare and deep-water fish, both in the wild and in the Asian market. Living in Singapore, he is at the epicenter of the rare fish Mecca in Asia and gets regional and original stories faster than most; especially those from Japan.

For the love of wrasses

Labridae is one of the largest families of marine fishes with more than 500 species spread out in over 90 genera. More commonly known as wrasses, they are evergreen and staple in the aquarium hobby, with numerous species in different genera offered to amateur and expert hobbyists alike. In this talk, we explore some aquarium favorites chiefly from the genus Bodianus, Cirrhilabrus, Paracheilinus, Pseudojuloides, and briefly on some of the lesser-known genus like Terelabrus, Pseudocheilinus and Decodon. While many staples from these groups are offered regularly, a fair number remain largely unobtainable due to a number of variables. We will explore some of these rarities with pictorial examples in this brief talk.