Tim Marks

Tim Marks Bio Image

Director of Manufacturing and Co-Owner of EcoTech Marine and Aquaillumination

With its roots sprouting from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, Tim Marks, Patrick Clasen and Justin Lawyer launched EcoTech Marine into prime-time through the introduction of the VorTech propeller pump in 2006. Since then Tim has worked tirelessly building upon the company’s successes to create innovative and thought provoking new products year-after-year. Now well known for their VorTech pumps, Radion LED lighting, EcoSmart Live cloud-based control platform, and Reeflink wireless bridge, EcoTech Marine is a company built upon the principles of Continuous Improvement, Customer Driven Quality, and Innovation.

As a mechanical engineer Tim has added his own touch to the reef aquarium industry by building a US based manufacturing environment with over 40 employees where quality is never sacrificed for the bottom line. EcoTech Marine has invested enormous amounts of time, money and jobs into the US economy by doing more manufacturing in-house in their Allentown, PA facility including the assembly of all of EcoTech Marine’s circuit boards which are used extensively throughout most of their product lines.

Making Aquarium Products in America 

In early 2014, EcoTech Marine merged with Aquaillumination in part to leverage the manufacturing skills that both companies possess.Tim will be talking about what it means to be Made in America, what it means to be Assembled in America, and what quality as a manufacturing principle truly means and means to you as an aquarist. This will be an enlightening discussion of a topic which is often taken for granted within our hobby and industry.