Vincent Chalias


Vincent Chalias is a marine biologist graduated from the marine aquaculture section of the University of Montpellier (France), he’s been working for 15 years for Amblard S.A, one of the leading European importer.
Since 1997, Vincent is based in Bali (Indonesia), where he helped develop coral mariculture working with several Indonesian producers. He’s at the origin of the production of hundreds of species, and is always developing new techniques to produce more and different species.

Vincent has traveled extensively through Indonesia, and the rest of Asia, always looking for new species to produce. Diving in most Asian and Pacific countries. He’s a passionate underwater photography, contributed to several magazines in Europe and the USA with his photos and articles.
He’s contributed in the discovery of a new species of Frogfish (Histiophryne pogonius) and currently working on the description of some new species of Euphyllia.

Coral diversity is all about Habitat 

During the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, the team had the chance to visit a number of habitats that are not normally visited by divers. Clear water coral reefs and high flow reefs are normally the most popular dive sites among divers. But when you are on the look out for corals, turbid water actually brings a lot of surprises. The Flores Sea and Komodo Strait offer a very broad diversity of habitats in a relatively small area, a very high concentration of fishes and corals species.

Each unique coral species thrives in its own special habitat so if you want to find a particular coral species, you need to look for its habitat. From high flow reef walls to sandy bottom bay, let’s see what are the coral compositions and differences of these habitats. We also try to figure out how to recreate these habitats in our very own reef aquarium and give a natural aspect to them.