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MACNA 2018 Schedule

Get familiar with the schedule and make the most of your time at MACNA 2018! The schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check back for updates, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

We are offering our extra MACNA 2018 meeting room space to give interest groups and clubs a place to meet while at MACNA! ! Whether it is a syngnathid interest group, temperate tank keepers, or marine breeders, contact MACNA 2018 to get your interest group added to the schedule so that you can find like minded people!

Day Time Other

Thursday September 6th, 2018

 1pm - 6pm  Early Registration Open
Exhibit Hall Closed

 Friday September 7th, 2018

7am - 5pm Registration Open
9am Welcome to MACNA
Exhibit Hall Opens for MASNA Members 10am
10:15am Speaker 1
 Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees 11am Speaker 2
11:45am Speaker 3  Workshop 1 Interest Group Meet-Up 1
12:30pm Speaker 4 Speaker 5
1:15pm Speaker 6  Workshop 2 IGMU 2
2pm Speaker 7 Speaker 8
2:45pm Speaker 9   Workshop 3 IGMU 3
3:30pm Speaker 10
Raffle Prize Drawing 4:15pm Special Event  Annual MASNA Meeting  Special Event
   Exhibit Hall Closes 6pm
7pm  Friday Night Reception!

 Saturday September 8th, 2018

8am - 5pm Registration Open
9am Speaker 11
9:45am Speaker 12 IGMU 4
  Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees 10am
10:30am Speaker 13 Workshop 4 IGMU 5
11:15pm Speaker 14 Speaker 15
12pm Speaker 16 Workshop 5 IGMU 6
12:45pm Speaker 17 Speaker 18
1:30pm Speaker 19 Workshop 6 IGMU 7
2:15pm Speaker 20
3pm Speaker 21 Workshop 7 IGMU 8
  Raffle Prize Drawing 3:45pm  Speaker 22
4:30pm  Panel Discussion
  Exhibit Hall Closes  6pm
 7pm Saturday Night Banquet!

 Sunday September 9th, 2018

8am - 1pm Registration Open
8am MASNA President's Meeting
 9am Speaker 23
9:45am Speaker 24 Workshop 8
  Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees 10am IGMU 9
10:30am Speaker 25 Speaker 26
11:15pm Speaker 27 Workshop 9  IGMU 10
 12pm Speaker 28 Speaker 29
 12:45pm Speaker 30 Workshop 10 IGMU 11
 1:30pm Speaker 31
 2:15pm  Panel Discussion
 Exhibit Hall Closes  3pm
 3:30pm Final Raffle Prize Drawing!