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Chris Buerner

Christopher Buerner is the president of Quality Marine, one of the largest and longest established marine ornamental wholesale distributors worldwide. Chris began keeping marine aquaria in 1986 and established his first live reef tanks in 1987. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the
University of California at Irvine in 1994, and headed for a career in environmental law. After two years in the legal field, Chris followed his passions and chose to make his lifelong hobby his profession.

In 1997, Chris founded Ocean-2-Ocean, an import distribution company which organizes and facilitates shipments of marine ornamental species to wholesale distributors throughout North America. In 2000 Chris became Managing Director of Quality Marine, and three years later acquired the company. Quality Marine is known in the industry as a pioneer, and is respected in the trade by maintaining the highest standards for handling and animal care. Quality Marine supplies marine organisms to public aquariums, educational institutions, breeding facilities and retail stores worldwide.

Chris served on standards-setting panels and ultimately on the board of the directors of the Marine Aquarium Council, a group whose mission was to “conserve marine ecosystems through the promotion of a responsible aquarium trade” by developing a certification program for overseas tropical fish collectors, collection areas, and exporters. Chris continues to support sustainable harvest of ornamental reef animal species, poverty alleviation in fishing communities, indigenous species mariculture efforts, and greater industry responsibility for a healthy, sustainable hobby and trade.