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Laura Birenbaum

Laura has been devoted to her career in the reef aquarium industry for over 17 years and has been a fish keeper for most of her life. In addition to her internship at the Steinhart Aquarium, Laura has worked on many sides of the trade including aquarium retail, wholesale and manufacturing. Laura co-owned a reef aquarium shop in Bellingham, Washington while earning her B.S. in Marine Biology at Western Washington University. She also is presently the Vice President of the Long Island Reef Association.

Laura enjoys conducting experiments in the reef hobby with a focus of research on the mortality rates of dry shipped marine invertebrates and coral. Laura is the proud Owner and Co-Founder of ReefGen, a wholesale coral and fish aquaculture company in Riverhead, NY where they propagate a diverse selection of coral frags in collaboration with the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center.