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MACNA 2018 Presentations

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Marc Levenson: Setting Up a Saltwater Tank the Right Way

Tal Sweet: Captive Breeding a Continuing Journey

Bob Fenner: A Means of Paying for Your Marine Habit

Joe Caparatta: 20yrs of Fish Guy in NYC and What I Learned

Dana Riddle: Help! My Corals Are Changing Colors.

Christine Williams: Eat Your Reef

Dr. Jean Jaubert: Reef Keeping Ecology

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan: Principles of Biosecurity and Fish Health Management

Todd Gardner: Introducing Seawater Water Chemistry for Beginners

Richard Ross: Dig Through Reef BS and Come Out Smelling Clean.

Laura Birenbaum: Biology and Behavior of Cuttlefish and How To Keep Them

Elizabeth Groover: Ornamental Wrasse Culture

Martin Moe: The Details of Diadema Culture; a New Aquaculture Technology

Joe Yaiullo: Bonsai Reef Keeping in a 20,000 Gallon Box

Julian Sprung: Planning for Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Wayne Scott: From Military to Aquarium Trade to LFS Owner

Ben Johnson: Trials and Tribulations of One Man Aquarium Maintenance Company

Paula Carlson: Importance of Public Aquariums and Aquatic Science Education

Walt Smith: What's Happening Around the World with Fish and Coral Trade

Dr. Christy Pattengill-Semmens: The Reef Environmental Education Foundation

Dr. Bruce Carlson: Hawaii Aquarium Fishery; What Happened

Mark Callahan: How to Successfully Quarantine Fish

Matt Pedersen: Rethinking Corallivores

Dr. Andrew Rhyne: Poisoned Reefs, 50yrs of Cyanide Fishing

Dr. Margaret Miller: Is There Coral Future Outside the Aquarium