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  Don't miss the chance to snag fantastic prizes in the daily drawings at 5:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 4:00 pm Sunday; including the Fiji Trip Drawing (at Saturday Banquet); and the Sunday Grand Prize Drawing at 11:00 am! HOW TO PURCHASE TICKETS: * Purchase discounted tickets in advance (25 for the price of 20) on the MACNA registration page until Tuesday evening:
* At registration
* From the Mermaid in the Exhibit Hall
* In the Raffle Zone in the Exhibit Hall
* At the banquet for Trip to Figi (credit card only)

All entries close 15 minutes before drawing.

Friday, Sept 4: 6:00pm in Virginia Suites
Saturday, Sept 5: 5:30pm in Virginia Suites
Saturday, Sept 5: Trip to Fiji between 9:15 - 9:45pm at banquet
Sunday, Sept 6: 11:30am in Delaware Suites
Sunday, Sept 6: 4:00pm in Virginia Suites

* Tickets sold in sets of 5, minimum purchase of 10
* Winners of Friday drawing must pick up prizes by 5:00pm Saturday
* Winners of Saturday drawing must pick up prizes by 11:00am Sunday
* Winner of Saturday night Trip to Fiji MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN
* Winners of both Sunday drawings MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN
* Trip to Fiji will be raffled at the end of the banquet on Saturday night. Attendees who do not have banquet tickets will be allowed onto the banquet hall balconies for the drawing shortly after 9:15pm. All attendees are invited to stay for the After Party following the banquet.

Raffle winners may pick up their prizes at the hotel coat closet during the following hours:
Friday, Sept 4: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Saturday, Sept 5: 9:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday, Sept 6: 9:00am - 5:00pm

See the list of prizes below!

Keep track of the Prize Drawing schedule with the free MACNA 2015 Mobile App.

 Thanks to all the fantastic donors of these great drawing prizes!
  • Maxspect Gyre 150; Celestial C35
  • DŌS ($350), DDR ($200), WAV pump kit (2-WAV+1LINK Module) (~$500 - official price yet to be released), AFS ($100)
Sea Swirl:
  • Sea Sweep; and 1'' Sea Swirl
  • Elos 100 Aquarium System with Elos Planet Pro Light; Elos Osmo Controller (ATO); one of each of Elos test kits
  • Deep Dimension Reef Ready Tank and stand - 1 x 250 gallon; 1 x 150 gallon; plus a 70 gallon cube tank + stand, and a 60 gallon cube tank + stand
  • MaxPureMPDI 90-GPD RODI System - MPDI-90
EcoTech Marine:
  • VorTech Pumps MP40QD x2; Radion pro x2
Aqua Illumination:
  • Hydra 52 x2; Hydra 26 x1 ; Prime x1
Karen Talbot Art:
  • MACNA Special Painting created during weekend
  • Gyre Pumps; Celestial C35 spotlights
  • SwordTail pump (retail value=$300)
Reef Savvy:
  • Tank (48" x 24" x 18" rimless; modern series stand; ghost overflow)
  • 1 x 9410 skimmer; 1 x 8850 LED light; 1 x 0220.020 Strong Care Magnet; 1 x 6105 Stream Pump
Reef Conservation Society:
  • Coral frags
  • TBD
Marine Biosystems:
  • Biopellet reactor
Age of Aquariums:
  • $100 coral frag
  • Pump; pico set
  • Auto Top Off Reservoir Tank
  • $1000 in fish
Omega Sea:
  • Fish Food Samples
Real Reef:
  • 3 pieces of reef decor
  • Coral Frags
  • samples from booth
V2O Aquarium foods:
  • Frozen food packs
World Wide Corals:
  • 3 x $100 gift certificates
Cherry Corals:
  • Gift Certificates
  • $1000 in fish
  • 2 x $25 gift certificates
  • Food Samples
Teco US:
  • TK500 Chiller
Reed Mariculture:
  • Reef Nutrition Sampler; TDO-Chroma Boost Pellet Pack