Workshop Schedule

Get familiar with the schedule and make the most of your time at MACNA 2015!

The schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check back for updates, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Sept 4, 2015
10:15 AM
  • Workshop #1 presented by Ehsan Dashti, Triton Lab
  • TRITON – The Future Of Reefkeeping! How it makes you a more successful reefkeeper.
11:15 AM
  • Workshop #2 presented by George Bailey, Industrial Test Systems
  • 21st Century Water Testing
12:15 PM
  • Workshop #3 presented by Bill Wann (for Maxspect)
  • Building and maintaining a 20,00 gallon aquarium
1:15 PM
  • Workshop #4 presented by Terence Fugazzi, Neptune Systems
  • Advances in Aquarium Monitoring & Control
2:15 PM
  • Workshop #5 presented by Pacific East Aquaculture
  • Live Foods: Sea Monkeys of the 21st Century
3:15 PM
  • Workshop #6 presented by Marc Levenson (for Prodibio)
  • For Beginner to Advanced Aquarists: Start Up and Maintenance of a Reef Aquarium with Prodibio
4:15 PM
  • Workshop #7 presented by Dr. John Hirsh , Doctor Eco Systems
  • Following In The Footsteps Of Mother Nature: A Healthy Nutrition For The Marine Aquarist
Sept 5, 2015
  • Workshop #1 Triton presented by Ehsan Dashti, Triton Lab
  • TRITON: The Truth. Part 1, Q & A with Ehsan Dashti and Scott Fellman
  • Workshop #2 presented by Julian Sprung, Two Little Fishies
  • Topic to be announced
  • Workshop #3 presented by Coralvue
  • Protein Skimmer Maintenance
  • Workshop #4 presented by Bill Wann (for Maxspect)
  • Building and Maintaining a 20,000 Gallon Aquarium
  • Workshop #5 presented by Justin Credabel & Laura Birenbaum, ReefGen
  • Aquacultured Coral Tricks for your Tank
  • Workshop #6 presented by Mindstream
  • The Mindstream Monitor: A game-changing way to know what’s in your water
  • Workshop #7 presented by Bill Gately (for Reed Mariculture)
  • Creating Biological Stability in the Tank Environment
Sept 6, 2015
  • Workshop #1 presented by Ehsan Dashti, Triton Lab
  • TRITON: The Truth: Part 2 Q&A with Ehsan Dashti & Vincent Thomas
  • Workshop #2 presented by Tim Marks, Ecotech Marine
  • Ecotech Marine’s Vectra Return Pump
  • Workshop #3 presented by Purdue Professor Steven Wereley (for Maxspect)
  • Water Movement: Choosing the Best Flow for your Aquarium