MACNA 2019 Schedules

The overall MACNA 2019 Schedule.

Event times subject to change. SCROLL DOWN for speaker, workshop, and Meet-up schedule.

Day Time Event

Thursday August 29, 2019

 12pm - 6pm  Early Registration Open
Exhibit Hall Closed

 Friday August 30, 2019

7am - 5pm Registration Open
10am Exhibit Hall Opens for MASNA Members
11am Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees
1pm Raffle Prize Drawing
4:15pm Raffle Prize Drawing
6pm Exhibit Hall Closes
7pm  Friday Night Reception!

 Saturday August 31, 2019

8am - 5pm Registration Open
10am Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees
 12pm Raffle Prize Drawing
3:45pm Raffle Prize Drawing
***5pm*** Exhibit Hall Closes
 7pm Saturday Night Banquet!

 Sunday September 1, 2019

8am - 1pm Registration Open
10am Exhibit Hall Opens to Attendees
 12pm  Raffle Prize Drawing
4pm Exhibit Hall Closes
 4pm Final Raffle Prize Drawing!

The Speaker, Workshop, and Meet-Up Schedule.

Get familiar with the schedule and make the most of your time at MACNA 2019! The schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check back for updates!

Event times subject to change. Scroll down to the bottom for the overall schedule.

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Day Time Neptune Speaker Room Cobalt Workshop Room Interest Group Meet-up

Friday, Aug 30

7:30am - 10am APEX Users 7th Annual MACNA Meet-up.
10am Scott Martin - The Living Seas: 35 Years of Making Magic
11am Dr. Chad Callan - Don't try this at home? - Taking marine ornamental aquaculture from scientific discovery, to commercial feasibility.
11:30 Artificial Reef Restoration - SB Reef Lights
12pm Jake Adams - The Fundamentals of Reef Aquarium Equipment
12:30 Fragging for the Future
1pm Julian Sprung - Us vs Them. How did the Aquarium Hobby become such a divisive practice and what does it mean for our future? Women in Reefing
2pm Dr. Andrew Rhyne - A Cyanide Detection Test: Myth or Reality?
2:30 Coral Vue Shark & Ray keepers
3pm Tamara Marshall - A Scientific Session for the Home Breeder
3:30 Aquascaping Tips and Tricks Sticker & Button Swap
4pm Dr. Tim Hovanec - Secrets to Quickly Cycling Your Reef Tank - Understanding the Science of Nitrifying Bacteria

Saturday, Aug 31

9am Mark Callahan - A Second Tank: A New Start, Second Love or Giant PITA? Annual MASNA Meeting
10am Dr. Sanjay Joshi - Reef Keeping by Numbers
10:30 Seahorse & Pipefish
11am Dr. Judy St Leger - How's the Rising Tide? Marine Ornamental Aquaculture Research and how you can get involved
11:30 Neptune Systems Veterans & Reefing
12pm CANCELED ***Alyssa Gabriel - Challenges in keeping and aquaculturing seahorses***
12:30 PIJAC Club Melevsreef
1pm Matt Pedersen - The next step. Meeting the aquaculture needs of your local fish store.
1:30 Run Your Business, Don't Let it Run YOU Florida Marine Aquarium Society
2pm Todd Gardner - The Mother of Invention: How necessity-driven innovation and partnerships are making history in aquaculture.
2:30 Reef Aquarium Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment Aquarium Science Education
3pm Lou Ekus - Basic Reef Chemistry - Demystified
3:30 Terra Sub Aqua Store & Service Companies Meet-up
4pm Richard Ross - Coral Spawning in Aquaria - where we are and what you can do.

Sunday, Sept 1

9am Dr. Ben Titus - Hidden diversity of marine ornamental invertebrates Club President & BOD Workshop with MASNA
10am Colin Foord - Rock Flower Anemones (Phymanthus crucifer) and How to Aquaculture them at Home
10:30 Sex, Corals, & Aquaria
11am MASNA Award Winner - Name & Topic will go live on Aug 27
12pm Dr. Paul Anderson - The Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign
12:30 CANCELED***Debate***
1pm Kathy Leahy - Raising Marine Ornamental Fish as a Hobbyist: Ideas and tips from a frugal Midwestern fish breeder.
2pm Todd Harmon - Using Science to Evaluate the Wellbeing of Fish